Hello! Thanks so much for booking a graduation photo session with me! Here is an overview of the weekly emails I have sent in advance of graduation photo sessions to get you up to speed / for your review in one place!

So far, I’ve gone over:

Below, you’ll find each of the above bullet points described in detail. Feel free to click any of the bullet points and it will take you to that section of the page 😀

Ordering Photo Prints

Are prints going to be available to order of the photos? Absolutely!

When I send you a link to your gallery via email within one week of your session date/time, you will get a link to a gallery like this! https://photos.tmahlmann.com/People/Graduation/

All on this gallery page, you’ll be able to:

  • view all of the edited photos from your session
  • download one photo at a time
  • download the full gallery in one click
  • order discounted prints in any size / medium you’d like (canvas / metal / paper print / wallet size / etc)

At the top, will be a coupon code to ordering through this page. Likely, “2021GRAD” for simplicity.

Pricing: You can click through on the example link above to see print pricing. (Downloads will not come up for your gallery, they will be free to download)

Prints through me will cost more directly through me than a Walgreens, Walmart or Shutterfly order, but I have worked diligently to find a print lab that produces really high quality prints. Especially for the canvas, metal, For what will last a long time, I highly recommend these! Ordering through me also helps you pick the best cropping for the size(s) you select, color correction, and if its a photo you plan to hang or display in your home — if you send me a photo via email of the space you’d like to hang the photo in I can help mock up what a few sizes of that photo might look like in the space!

The code I include at the top of the page will take 30% off these prices and will be valid through the end of June 2021!

You are of course welcome to download the JPG images to your computer and order prints yourself — the decision is completely up to you. In the next section, you can see how to download individual / all photos from your gallery!

Download Images:

How do I download them, you ask? Look no further!

  1. At the top of the page, the Download all button will ask you for your email, ZIP up the files, and send you a link to download all the photos in the gallery. (Takes a couple of minutes to package them all up for download and for the email to arrive)

2. The little download arrows below each individual photo will just download that one photo, not the entire gallery.

These download methods work on both mobile (cell phone / iPad) and desktop/laptops. I would recommend to download the full gallery, do so on an iPad or computer as the file size will be fairly large. Phones are better for handling one or a handful of photo downloads / posting to social media / etc.

Previous email updates:

Photo Delivery Timeline

When will I receive my photos after the session is over?

I will be sending photos (at the latest) 1 week after your session. For example: If your session is on say Thursday at 3:00pm, you will have your photos signed, sealed, and delivered by the following Thursday at 3:00pm.

Photo Delivery Method

Within 1 week of your session date and time, I will email you each a personal link like this, where only those you share the link with will be able to see your photos:


which will contain JPG files that you can download (at no additional cost) or order directly from the page.

Gown Rental

The rental deadline at a discounted price was Friday, April 16, 2021 with Herff Jones. The last day to order cap and gown at full price was Friday, April 23, 2021.

If you are interested in a cap and gown now that it is after April 23, 2021 – send me an email and I can help with University Book Store to arrange the appropriate cap, gown, and tassel color for your photo session.

Meeting Locations

For meeting locations: you’ll fall into one of following two!

If your session begins at: (eastern time, no matter the day)

  • 8:15 AM,
  • 10:45 AM,
  • 1:15 PM,
  • 3:45 PM,
  • or 6:15 PM

…meet me at the Purdue Gateway to the Future Arch! Here’s a google maps pin for the Arch meeting location: https://goo.gl/maps/oK5PvSd2PLU2

If your session begins at: (eastern time, no matter the day)

  • 7:00 AM,
  • 9:30 AM,
  • 12:00 Noon,
  • 2:30 PM,
  • 5:00 PM,
  • 7:30 PM

… meet me at the front steps of the Purdue Memorial Union! Here’s a google maps pin for the PMU meeting location: https://goo.gl/maps/dWAB3i2S2n82

This way, we’ll begin your session at one of these and finish at/near the other completing a walk across the main parts of campus / landmarks / icons you’d like to hit. Each session is fully customizable, as many of you have shared ideas and preferences — we’ll be taking detours to other parts of campus that are important to you but will generally end up in the opposite end of campus.


If you need to reschedule your session to another date and time – you can check available dates and times via the “Reschedule” link in the original confirmation email you got at time of booking. (Like the pic below) If you need help — just reach out to me via email I can help you locate the original email/booking date or reschedule manually with you!


Weather: To date over several hundred graduation photo sessions I have done in the last 4 years, 2021 year being my 5th — weather has never outright cancelled a single one. Just have to keep an eye on the weather and be flexible within a day or two where it looks rainy.

With a little flexibility, I’ve always been able to move things around on my end to be able to make every session happen. Currently Thursday May 13th, Friday May 14th, and are Sunday May 16th my only booked solid days.

Photo Ideas

If you’ve left notes at the time of booking about who will be joining, photo ideas, etc — I’ve got those recorded for you! If you’ve got other specific ideas for photos/locations, props you want to use, fun ideas, etc — please send them over via email!

I’ve got a spreadsheet / doc I’ll be using for each day of sessions with these ideas and notes so I can be prepared and ready to do fun remakes of historical photos if you have had relatives go here in the past, want to remake a freshman year photo, or other neat ideas — I’d love to hear them all. These sessions are really all that you make of them! My favorite to do are the historical remakes of boilermaker ancestors photos on campus: