Trevor’s 2024 Calendar | W I D E Edition

Trevor’s 2024 Calendar | W I D E Edition


5 left! Once sold out — they’re gone!

Autographed!✍️An all-in-one calendar containing my best w i d e imagery↔️

Free pickup in Merritt Island, Florida available!📦

Thank you for supporting my work and helping me capture more photos like it🙌
(banana not included🤣)

In stock

If you'd like to place an order for more than 20 calendars, click here to reach out! I'd be glad to help with bulk quantities/discounts.

US: Shipping starts at $4.99 and takes several days to arrive, faster options available for upgrade.

Canada: Starts at $12.99

Europe/most locales: Starts at $14.99. Duties and fees may apply at time of delivery.

Australia/NZ: Starts at $19.99


  • Orders of one calendar will ship in a single, rigid, cardstock envelope.
  • Orders of two to four calendars will ship in a single, rigid, cardstock envelope.
  • Orders of more than four calendars will ship in custom packaging, likely two separate envelopes.

Calendar Size (closed/cover): 11" x 15" in (28 x 38cm)

Calendar Size (open/month): 11" x 30" in (28 x 76cm)
Weight: 15oz (~0.5kg)
Paper: Satin 100# cover stock (270 gsm) for the front / back cover
Satin 80# cover stock (220 gsm) paper for the internal pages two through eleven.

If you bought my 2021 Calendar, I used 100# cover stock (270 gsm) paper throughout. This was quite heavy and cost a lot extra to ship.

My 2022 Calendar used 80# cover stock (220 gsm) for the front & back, and 80# book (120 gsm) for the insides.

The 2023 and 2024 Calendars use Satin 100# cover stock (270 gsm) for the front / back cover and Satin 80# cover stock (220 gsm) for the internal pages, incorporating lessons learned from both 2021 and 2022, falling under shipping weight limits, and keeping the incredible feel / sturdiness of the 2021 without the (somewhat) 'flimsy' feel the 2022 Calendar had at times if you're familiar.

2023 was rock solid and using the same formula for 2024!

Cover previews for my Portfolio, Starship, W I D E & Collegiate Editions are here!

Final, full designs will be revealed in October!

Cover and in-calendar imagery and final designs subject to change if a better photo comes up before printing!

Calendars will come autographed in a reflective, silver sharpie paint pen.

Video preview of reflective finish:

In the rare event of shipment damage, please respond (RE) directly to the shipping confirmation email you received at the time of dispatch with:
– Multiple photos of the damaged calendar(s) (3 photos or more per calendar)
– Multiple photos of the damaged Envelope(s) (2 photos or more: front, back)
– A photo of the attached shipping label (2 photos: close up of the label only and full shot of the damaged envelope + label)
– A photo of the item and the envelope (damaged) in one photo.

Immediately after ordering, you should receive a confirmation email from me! You will be emailed next when your order ships.

Order Status seen in your account:
Pending Payment: Payment still not completed. Please complete to ensure order is fulfilled!
Processing: Payment received. Status immediately following order placement. Good to go. Next up: printing, packing, and shipping!
Refunded: Order partially or fully refunded.
Cancelled: Order cancelled.

The United States Postal Service currently has suspended mail service to the following countries:

Afghanistan, Belarus, Bhutan, Brunei, Chad, Cuba, Laos, Libya, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Syria, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, & Yemen

Until USPS resumes services to these countries, ordering a calendar to these countries will not be possible.

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 15 × 12 in

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