It was September 2nd, 2016 – Chris Konecnik, Tom Crockett and I were headed up in the Top Hawk for a discovery flight.

Chris was taking us up in the Top Hawk and I brought my camera.

This was my first flight in a C172.

I was on a mission to create some awesome aerials of campus.

Among many of the aerials, I took – I got this one lined up with Engineering Mall:


and have decided many months later to make a tilt shift image out of it.

Tilt shift photography adjusts the focal plane to be different from its normal, perpendicular angle to the image sensor. Essentially, it makes a very slim part of the image in focus.

When shooting a subject from above using this technique, it creates a miniature effect.


It is almost an illusion, as the things in the image are still the same size as they were – the blurs somehow make them look so tiny!

“That’s a cool technique, how can I make one, too?”

Here’s an awesome how-to.

Plan to use this technique more, for sure!

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