A few of my favorite photos from a recent trip to Kennedy Space Center.

Thursday, we were treated to a beautiful blue-sky as we arrived for a few media tours. (Veggie and Advanced Plant Habitat and LC39B tour)

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Friday, we arrived bright and early at KSC for a day stocked full of events and tours ahead of us.

I took this about 7 minutes before sunrise:

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10 minutes later, the VAB was illuminated beautifully in this golden light:

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That day followed with a ton of awesome activities. Some of which included:

  • A briefing talking about the future of KSC as a multi-user spaceport with former Shuttle astronaut and KSC Director, Bob Cabana on the OSB-II observation deck.

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  • A tour through Boeing’s C3PF, where they are assembling the CST-100 Starliner that will ferry astronauts to the ISS from US soil once again.

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What was cool about being inside the C3PF was we could see across to the other corner.

In talking with Bob Cabana walking into the high bay, he was telling Thaddeus Cesari and I how Shuttle used to roll in and the orbiter work stands would surround the vehicle. He noted how you would look up and realize you were right underneath the wing, or some other component of the vehicle.

Photo: Thaddeus Cesari

You couldn’t even tell you were in a hangar it was so close quarters:

Photo: NASA/Jack Pfaller

After that, we got to see the work being done on high bay 3 in the VAB, where the SLS (Space Launch System) would be assembled one day.

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The following two days had some pretty awesome sunrises too.

This was the view as we left the press site, headed for the VAB roof. (launch attempt 1)

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After the scrub, this was the view the next morning from the press site, again headed to the roof for the launch.

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She finally did go off and Dragon was on its way to the Space Station.

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com

And in typical Florida fashion…an hour after launch it was nothing but blue skies. Not a cloud to be seen for miles.

Can’t wait until the next time I am down at the space coast!

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