I’ve spent the day looking through, organizing, and selecting/editing keepers from masses of photos I have yet to go through from previous trips. (this is a talent I will likely always be working to master)

I came across this aerial photo (taken with my Mavic Pro) that really caught my eye from a recent trip to the U.P. of Michigan.

Shown here is the Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse in Munising, Michigan. It stands 14 meters tall and was opened in 1868 to aide mariners coming off of Lake Superior into the Munising Harbor.

When I arrived at my LZ (takeoff location) I could see the ice moving left to right quite quickly in the distance. Looking farther to the left, it was open water – I had to move quickly or I wouldn’t be able to make any photos of both the ice and the lighthouse.

Once I got the quad up and over to the lighthouse, the ice was moving but I had to wait.

80% battery remaining.

I had to wait a while for two things:

1. the exact right positioning where the ice “framed up” the lighthouses reflection

2. the light winds to die down enough to get a decently visible reflection of the light

50% battery remaining.

There – the ice is about to be perfect!! ……….. *gust of wind*

40% battery remaining.

OK. That reflection is epic! ……….. *no ice in the frame*

30% battery remaining.

Usually I make the call at 20-25% battery remaining to return home. So, I’ve got 5% remaining to get a shot…

A few large blocks of ice (pictured) collided left of the frame. (and were connected together momentarily)

As they moved left to right, they also separated, creating this beautifully still water between them and giving just enough space to frame up the vertical  reflection of the lighthouse. *click*

I landed back at the LZ with plenty of battery to spare.

Maybe not the earth and fire, but the wind and ice aligned that day in front of the Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse in “aide” of my hopeful photo.

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