Yesterday evening, Tom Jones was in Lafayette for work, so we met up to do some shootin’.

I went into the evening with nearly 0 plan. Besides deciding to meetup at the Engineering Fountain, I had no ideas, nothin.

Even getting to the Fountain, I looked around and initially didn’t have many ideas.

I hadn’t picked up the camera much since the SpaceX launch on 2/19, but sometimes that’s how it goes: You do a lot of shooting and need to put the camera down for a day or two while you rekindle the fire.

I only brought my 18-135, since it is pretty all purpose. But walking around a bit, I came up with an idea to photograph Hovde Hall.

The clouds were moving pretty quickly and were quite puffy/round in appearance. They looked cool, but I thought they would be much less distracting in a long exposure. I also was going to need a focal length much wider than 18 to create the idea I had.

I have an 8mm Rokinon, but didn’t bring that. Thankfully, Tom let me use his 12mm Rok to get the shot.

Here’s the first one I came up with:


Tom found me sitting, waiting for my 3 minute long-exposure to finish:

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After that, I explored two ideas I had seen from another photo recently, looking up at the columns standing near the doors:


and out, back at the Fountain:


After that, it was over to the Bell Tower.



And finally: perhaps one of the least frequently seen angles there is at Purdue:

Had to do it for the photo. The idea was too cool not to explore.

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See you tomorrow for another photo story, just like this one.