Do you love to win?

Do you love March Madness?

Do you love large-format metal prints that come to your doorstep ready to hang?

Well you’ll also love this bracket challenge.

Based on the poll I ran yesterday, more than 20 noted they would be interested – so here we are!

My 1st annual March Madness Bracket Challenge is live!

Here’s what you have a shot at earning, shipped directly to you:

  • 1st Place: 24″ x 36″ Metal Print
  • 2nd Place: 12″ x 18″ Metal Print
  • 3rd Place: 12″ x 18″ Paper Print, Gatorfoam Mounted

Should you be one of the lucky winners to earn one of these prints, you’ll get to pick from any of my pictures, which one you want!

How do I enter?

First, you’ll want to download the CBS Sports app.

Click this link for iOS and Click this link for Android.

This challenge is open to all my current Patrons. ($2+)

If you’re not a Patron yet, what are you waiting for?? With ~$350 in prints up for grabs, I hope you can understand why this is for Patrons only.

For the most fun, I highly suggest you also join my exclusive Discord server to chat about everything college basketball leading up to and during the games. (Discord is a reward for $5+ patrons)

Join on Patron and you’ll get an email invite!

To become a Patron, click here and select either the $2 (just want to participate) or $5 level (which includes: discord and access to the settings of all my photos)

The “#march-madness” channel in my Discord is going to be where it’s at these next few weeks😉

I’ve had several Patrons message me saying Discord has made their experience as a Patron much more enjoyable & valuable!

Well Mr. Trevor, how do I join this fancy Discord server?

1. Funny you should ask, once you’ve become a Patronclick or tap here.

2. Then, click or tap “Connect on Discord.” If you don’t already have an account, sign up for one here or via the prompts.

3. For the best experience, download the Discord app on your phone / tablet, click or tap here to do that.

4. Now, you should be set! Just login on your phone / tablet / desktop and say hello in the #general channel!

The only question now is:

Will you have the winning bracket?

See you all on Discord, and good luck!

If you can’t find the email invite within a few hours of becoming a Patron, send me a message either here on Patreon or on Discord including your email and I’ll send it again!!