My name is Trevor Mahlmann. I am a professional photographer based here in West Lafayette.

I am gearing up for the Spring 2018 graduation season here at Purdue and have a much more refined process for scheduling photo sessions this year!

Below you’ll find a place to select which type of session you’d like, from just yourself all the way up to a full group of friends or family!

If you are interested in booking a session, you’ll find an FAQ below the booking section with LOTS of information about logistics/etc and will help answer your questions!

If you could, please read through the FAQ section to see if your question is answered there before sending me an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'll email you a link to your private gallery, within 1 week of your session, where you can download all the full-res JPG files!
You are guaranteed a minimum of 25 photos!
If your session begins at:
8:30 AM,
11:30 AM,
2:45 PM,
or 5:45 PM... you'll meet me at the Purdue Gateway to the Future Arch!
Here's a Google Maps Pin of where exactly to meet me at the Arch!
If your session begins at:
10:00 AM
1:00 PM
4:15 PM
or 7:15 PM... you'll meet me at the Purdue Memorial Union! (Front Steps)
Here's a Google Maps Pin of where exactly to meet me at PMU!
My Single, Small Family, Large Family, and Small Group sessions include individual photos of graduates. Large and XL Group sessions are group photos only.
Yes! It just depends on how many friends (graduates) you want in your group. You have a few options:
  • Individual/Group Photos: (one session)
    • Book a "Small Group" session and keep your group of friends/graduates under 5. (including you)
  • Individual/Family/Group Photos: (two sessions)
    • Book a "Small Family" or "Large Family" session (individual photos included)
    • Book a "Small, Large, or XL Group" session. (depending on graduate group size)
  • Individual/Group Photos, no family photos: (two sessions)
    • Book a "Single" session (individual photos included)
    • Book a "Small, Large, or XL Group" session. (depending on graduate group size)
Yes! And once I send you the completed images, there will be a 20% off coupon code at the top of the page you can use if you order through my site!
I am open to your suggestions of things generally in-between the Arch and PMU but here are the locations graduates want to visit most frequently:
  • Purdue Gateway Arch
  • Neil Armstrong Statue/Hall of Engineering
  • Engineering Fountain
  • Hovde Hall
  • Bell Tower
  • John Purdue Statue
  • Loeb Fountain
  • University Hall
  • Memorial Mall
  • Unfinished "Block P" Sculpture
  • Purdue University Sign #1 on Grant Street (near KNOY)
  • Purdue Memorial Union
  • Purdue University Sign #2 on Grant Street (L shaped corner of Grant and State St.)
  • Harry's Chocolate Shop Outside Wall
The order will vary inversely based on your meeting location.
The prices shown above are a total price!
You would divide the price by how many graduates/friends you have in your group.
For example: Large Group // $350 // 10 Graduates // $35 per Graduate
The group should designate one person to book the session and the friends in the group would be responsible for paying that person back.
For those reserving sessions between Monday May 7th at 11:30 AM and Sunday May 13th at 7:15 PM:
  • You WILL be able to pick up your cap/gown starting Monday, May 7th, starting at 9:00 AM.
  • You MAY be able to pick up your cap/gown early on Saturday/Sunday, if you receive an email from the Purdue Registrar.
For those who are reserving Sunday May 6th (all sessions) and Monday morning sessions: (beginning at 8:30 AM, 10 AM, & 11:30 AM)
  • You MAY be able to pick up your cap/gown early on Saturday/Sunday respectively, if you receive an email from me or the Purdue Registrar.
  • Note: This is only if you reserved your cap/gown online AND before the deadline. (Mar 30, 2018)
If you are part of the small group that:
  • reserved your cap/gown after Mar 30, 2018
  • or choose not to walking at Commencement and don't need a cap/gown for the week
  • are reserving a Sunday/Monday AM session
  • and are not able to receive your cap/gown on Saturday (or earlier).
I will have a few sizes of caps/gowns available for you to wear for the duration of your session. You will still need to pick up your cap/gown you reserved if you wish to walk at graduation.
It is the responsibility of the graduate to pick up their cap/gown before their scheduled session date and time.
I will be receiving an update on the status of the caps/gowns on May 4th and will relay this update to all Sunday/Monday AM bookings in a timely fashion.

If you still have questions about booking not answered above, feel free to contact me here and I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP!

Please double-check the email you provide is correct to make sure I respond to the right one!

What you can expect:


I am a full-time professional photographer. If you would like to get access to my exclusive Discord channel, help make more photos/videos like this possible, get settings/hi-res copies of all my photos, click here to support me here on Patreon!