It was a beautiful afternoon today at Purdue. Especially on Day of Giving.

I waited around with my good friend Dave Wegiel for about 20-30 minutes for this photo – I wanted a biker to fill the empty space in the left part of the frame.

I tried several times with my Canon 7D Mark II and 18-135mm lens, but I just could not get wide enough to bring to life the idea I had in my head, fitting the Arch and the biker in.

The 7D Mark II has an APS-C sized sensor. It is commonly referred to as a crop-sensor, as it is “cropped” smaller than a full-frame 35mm image sensor.

Dave uses nothing but the best, and has a Canon 5D Mark IV (which has a full frame sensor). He was using a 17-40 f/4L today, and I was lucky enough to get to use the combo to make this photo.

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See you tomorrow for another daily photo!