Nearly a year ago today, I made this long-exposure photo of the Loeb Fountain on a partly cloudy day at Purdue University.

Today’s #TBT post dives into the archive of May 2016.

I made this photo with a screw on 67mm 10-stop filter I bought online. It is still one of my favorite photos I have taken of the fountain to date.

Another one of my favorites was this, taken in November of last year:

The fountain had been off for a few days, but as soon as Buildings & Grounds plants flowers around the fountain and it turns on for the year, I will be remaking the above photo.

I emailed Facilities (who maintains Loeb Fountain) to see when it would be turned on for the year, as it usually turns on before Grand Prix week. (and I am excited to know when I will be able to re-attempt the above photo, of course!)

Crews are currently performing repairs on the fountain and they hope to have it turned on by the 1st of May.

Daily photo:

“Long-exposure of the Loeb Fountain at Purdue University on a beautiful spring day.”

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See you tomorrow for another daily photo!