Spotted a cool little mural on the wall of a store downtown LudingtonšŸ’™

After hiking 3.6 miles in total to see Big Sable Point Lighthouse that morning:


Alex and I were leaving Ludington and heading for Manistee, Michigan when I spotted this awesome “Love Ludington” mural on the wall of a shoppe/store downtown.

I’m not sure what made it catch my eye driving by, but after zooming past I had to turn around and go back.


When you zoom inĀ closer onĀ the image, you can see the history the wall has been through – likely one of graffiti and much more color than this. In multiple areas there are patches of paint, scrapes, and other unsightly marks that are now hidden by this simple and really cool mural. The way that the “love” ties directly in with the heart, the location of the heart, and the mitten all kind of tie it together with the Pure Michigan blue background.

I am not sure who painted this, but I am sure it is someone who thought that Ludington (and this wall) deserved a little more love.

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