Each time I make a photo of Neil here at Purdue, I feel the need to really give it my creative all.

Since I bought a quadcopter in April of 2016, I have realized that the straight down aerial perspective on things is one that will lend itself to many new photos throughout my career.

Some of my favorite examples to date of this top down view are of…

the Engineering Fountain: (quad)

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com


the Engineering Fountain (plus snow, quad):

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com


the Circle of Lights downtown Indianapolis: (quad)

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com


Folk Field: (quad)

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com


the Indiana State Capitol Building: (quad)

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com


Indiana vs. Purdue – February 20th, 2016: (remote camera)

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com

But my most recent favorite has to be this angle I took last night, over the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering here at Purdue: (quad)

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com

I got this idea after looking up, walking out of the Hall one day wondering what Neil might look like from above through the triangular holes in the roof.

For a couple reasons, I decided that just after sunset would be the best time for this photo to be taken.

  1. The upper portion of the roof would still be slightly illuminated and would show detail instead of being completely silhouetted, if taken at night.
  2. Neil’s spotlight turns on every night right about then, too. His 50 foot shadow fills the empty space in the triangle nicely.

Sure enough, last night just after sunset the idea came to life.

I didn’t do a normal true color edit. I decided to use an artsy split-tone edit. (which is just a fancy way of saying there are only two colors)

Lake Michigan Lighthouses

I’ve made it my goal to make a photo at every lighthouse surrounding Lake Michigan by the end of 2017 and I will be traveling to 14 (possibly 15) of those lighthouses in Michigan over Spring Break starting next weekend!

I am excited because this will be the first trip I will take using the funds I have earned through Patreon and the photos I will make were directly made possible because of it.

If you too would like to support me and get a behind the scenes look at my photos while doing it, you can become one of my Patrons here. If you decide to support at $10/month or more, at the end of this year I will contact you asking what your favorite 12 images of mine are, make you a personalized calendar with those 12 and mail it to you as a thank you for your continued support!

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See you tomorrow for another photo story!

I am a Part 107 licensed and registered sUAS pilot and (if required) permission was obtained prior to all quadcopter operations.