Some of my favorite photos from the Bicentennial Torch visit to Tippecanoe County.

I arrived about 10:30 AM and I knew that Purdue President Mitch Daniels would be carrying the torch just after that (estimated 10:38 AM).

I am glad I arrived when I did, because after only 5 minutes I had made all the photos I would that morning in Memorial Mall.

The first photograph I made that morning after locking my bike up there in front of Stewart was the police escort coming through Oval Dr.

After that, I quickly realized that President Daniels was fast approaching behind them.

I hightailed it across Memorial Mall otherwise I was going to miss him running with the torch.

I crouched down, snapped off a few photos and hoped for the best. What I resulted with was an awesome photo of him waving to a group of people cheering as he ran by.

Was lucky enough to get the “P” on his track sweats facing the camera, too.

Next, it was a quick bike ride up to Armstrong where Astronaut David Wolfe would be carrying the torch past Neil.

Then, I ran to meet up with Dave Wegiel, who also captured some great images that day. Check them out here.

It’s always fun running around with your friends and seeing different ideas/angles of the same event. You always build on each others ideas and end up making better photos together that if you had worked separately.

Dave was ready and waiting for the torch to be passed off to Purdue Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Sharon Versyp.

Looking up, noticed something that doesn’t often happen here in West Lafayette. Excited to witness a change this year in that regard and am excited for another year on the field at Ross Ade Stadium.

The final photo I made that morning was this of Leroy Keyes handing the torch off to Joshua Hembrough.

More close to home my Dad, Chris Mahlmann, got to finish off the torch relay in Porter County and bring it into Lake County.

The IBC photographers made this great photo of him.

See you tomorrow for another photo story!

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