My brother and I spent the afternoon in Pacific Beach and on the ride home, an idea for a photo popped into my head.

I was in California to visit my brother and to photograph the 103rd Rose Bowl Game.

That day, we weren’t sure what to do so we borrowed his roommates bikes and rode down to Pacific Beach to try and watch some surfers and get dinner.

With only a 70-200 with me, I didn’t have the reach I needed to for the surfers. A 400 or larger focal length would probably have done the trick.

After dinner beachside, we headed home.

California is naturally just a photogenic place, but we rode past these really cool looking trees (which I tried to research what species/kind they are, but couldn’t pin one down)

I was following behind him, and yelled up to him that I had an idea for a pic with the trees.


So he turned around, pedaled back a ways and started back towards me.

Not sure what it is but the vintage cruiser bike, California smile, and the trees behind him made for an interesting photo.

One more time back and this time I shot it vertical.

That was the one. This was my favorite:

Until next time bro✌🏼