I took a walk through Purdue recently, I wanted to share a some of my favorite shots from the morning!

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Earlier this week, the Engineering Fountain was being pressure washed and at a break between classes, I saw a unique opportunity for some photos with the water backlit by the Sun. A few favorites:

Backlit pressure-washing | photos.tmahlmann.com

Getting a wash | photos.tmahlmann.com

After taking those, I strolled through Stadium Mall and looked for some unique angles showing off the autumn colors with people on their way and going about their day.

Stadium Mall | photos.tmahlmann.com

After taking the above two photos near the Bell Tower, I turned around and saw the shadow of the Bell Tower shining upon the wall of Elliott Hall of Music.


After that, it was over to the Unfinished Block P, as I knew the tree behind it was in it’s prime color to make a photo of it.

Getting in close on the sculpture.

A photo I have been wanting to take myself for quite a long time, I was finally able to make:

Morning light spilling over the Mall | photos.tmahlmann.com

Lastly, I wanted to feature this photo, taken this morning by my good friend David Wegiel. You should follow him on Instagram if you don’t already @PinolaPhoto.

Thanks for reading through!

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