Here’s my 3rd gallery of Purdue Wallpapers – hope you enjoy!

Recently, I have decided to share my imagery in the Creative Commons domain and after taking inspiration from the Purdue Alumni Association, I would like to share a few of my favorite Purdue images in monthly wallpaper post, during my remaining years here.

Most if not all of the images will be new, but sometimes I may include 1 or 2 favorites I have taken in the past.


To download these monthly wallpapers on your smartphone or tablet, all you need to do is tap and hold, and press “Save Image.” You can then navigate to your ‘Photos’ app or respective Photo viewer to set your new wallpaper.

Desktop / Tablet

On desktop, to make sure you get the file in full-res, you just click on the image(s) you would like and you will be taken to my SmugMug website where you will find an underscored download arrow “↓”.

Click that to download and set your new wallpaper!


Screenshot 2016-07-31 20.04.43

If you share these images on social media, I just ask that you tag me/@ mention me in the post appropriately.

Purdue Wallpapers: October 2016:


Thanks for reading through this October 2016 edition of Purdue Wallpapers, see you next month for November, stay tuned!

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