Trevor’s 2023 Calendar | Relativity Edition

Trevor’s 2023 Calendar | Relativity Edition

My autographed calendar, now shipping same day!
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Shipments going out same-day if ordered before 4:00pm EST: International & Domestic!

8 Nov 2022 Update: All US orders before 1 November 2022 have been dropped off! Orders 1 Nov - present are being packed today and will go out this afternoon. Orders today before 4:00pm ET will go out today as well!

4 Nov 2022 Update: Printing, binding, signing, and shipping continues! The first batch of international pre-orders went out yesterday and the final batch of international pre-orders goes out today! Through the weekend and on Monday, United States pre-orders will be packaged and ready for drop-off. Winter is coming, and so are your 2023 Wall Calendars. So excited for you to get it!

After shipping begins November 3rd, 4th, and 7th -- will be working toward same-day shipping so if you place an order today, it will be grouped as quickly as possible with the latest outgoing orders! International will go out same day with the time they take to arrive.


Previous Updates:

2 Nov 2022 Update: Chasing down a few printing gremlins the past couple days, chasing the Falcon Heavy USSF-44 launch, and waiting to sign the ones that look just right -- so we're a few days behind but back on track! Bulk printing is again underway! I am signing today about half of the ones we have ready to package, signing the other half Friday and International orders will be packaged up on 3 Nov 2022 and will be dropped off to the post office by end-of-day 4 Nov 2022 for shipping to you! Domestic USA orders will be packaged up on 4, 5, 6, 7 Nov 2022 and be dropped off on 7 Nov 2022 for shipping to you!

28 Oct 2022 Update: The final proofs have been approved and bulk printing is underway! Binding will occur over the weekend and I'll be signing most of the day Monday, 1 Nov 2022. Calendars will be packaged up on 2 Nov 2022 and will be dropped off to the post office by end-of-day for shipping to you! 

26 Oct 2022 Update: Typos and placements fixed, still working out a pair of coloration issues. Stay tuned!

24 Oct 2022: Update: Still some typos, color, placement and other adjustments to make to proofs. International shipping will be a few days delayed but 

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1x calendar will ship in a single, rigid, cardstock envelope.
2x calendars will ship in a single, rigid, cardstock envelope.
3+ calendars will ship in 2 calendars per rigid cardstock envelope, in 2+ envelopes up to however many you order.

2022 and earlier, I only had one 'portfolio' or 'best of' calendar: the General Edition. In 2023, I had too many favorites to pick from! So I not only made a 2nd edition, I changed the name to something with a bit more pizzazz and excitement. Born are the Portfolio Edition I and II! 

If you ordered my 2023 General Edition calendar prior to October 20th, 2022 -- you'll have the option to change your order to the other before shipping begins if you prefer its design instead! 

Cover choice & in-calendar imagery are now fully revealed and locked in for the 2023 Calendar year! Enjoy! 

Calendars will come autographed in a reflective, silver sharpie paint pen.

Video preview of reflective finish:

Calendar Size: 11" x 15" in (28 x 38cm)
Weight: 15oz (~0.5kg)
Paper: Satin 100# cover (270 gsm) for the front / back cover
Satin 80# cover (220 gsm) paper for the internal pages

If you bought my 2021 Calendar, I used 100# cover (270 gsm) paper throughout. This was quite heavy and cost a lot extra to ship.

My 2022 Calendar used 80# cover (220 gsm) for the front & back, and 80# book (120 gsm) for the insides.

The 2023 Calendar incorporates lessons learned from both years, falls under shipping weight limits, and has the incredible feel / sturdiness of the 2021 without the (somewhat) 'flimsy' feel the 2022 Calendar had at times.

In the rare event of shipment damage, please respond (RE) directly to the order or shipping confirmation email you received at the time of your order or order shipping with:
– Multiple photos of the damaged calendar(s) (3 photos or more per calendar)
– Multiple photos of the damaged Envelope(s) (2 photos or more: front, back)
– A photo of the attached shipping label (2 photos: close up of the label only and full shot of the damaged envelope + label)
– A photo of the item and the envelope (damaged) in one photo.

Immediately after ordering, you should receive a confirmation email from me! You will be emailed next when your order ships.

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Afghanistan, Belarus, Bhutan, Brunei, Chad, Cuba, Laos, Libya, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Syria, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, & Yemen

Until USPS resumes services to these countries, ordering a calendar to these countries will not be possible.

Address changes for orders in the pre-order period are possible until October 25th, 2022. 

Just click here to send me a quick email with your order # and updated address! 

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 15 × 12 in