Hello and welcome! My name is Trevor Mahlmann, I’m a rocket launch photographer based right here on the Space Coast of Florida. I capture launches here at Cape Canaveral as well as around the world, and have been doing so full-time since 2017!

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To see more of my work, here are some links to my social media channels and ways you can support what I do!


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The Dub Club

Enjoy my work and want to help make more of it possible?

I run a monthly/annual membership program (if you’ve ever heard of Patreon, it’s pretty similar) where in exchange for regular support, you get a yearly reward calendar of your choice, an allotment of full-resolution digital downloads each and every month (personal use: desktop wallpaper, phone Lock Screen, print for yourself or as a personal gift, etc) and can be used to retrieve my latest and greatest photos each month, or toward portfolio favorites from the past you find — my whole imagery archive is able to be downloaded! Wondering how I captured a photo? You also get access to EXIF info to every photo I’ve taken (no limit)

What’s ‘The Dub Club’ name stand for/mean?

A member of mine once associated ‘dubs’ to W’s, wins, or successes, and eventually photos members can download that were deemed a success were eventually called Dubs. So, the membership where you download ‘dubs’ eventually became the Club to download Dubs I call: The Dub Club!

For more information, click the link below! Thanks so much for your interest in supporting my rocketry work!