I’ve ensured I’ll still have all the access to doing what I do as a launch photographer, but starting in January 2024, it’s now been confirmed that I’ll be a fully independent photographer covering launches without a traditional media affiliation as Ars Technica doesn’t plan to engage further. Your consideration to support and help keep me doing this stuff with your direct support would mean the world!

More info below:


I reached a point with Ars in early 2023 where I believed compensation needed to increase handsomely given all that I deliver and all that Ars regularly used my work. I also felt that things I included for free to be a team player for many years (all my Starship Texas coverage, to-date) would need to begin becoming a paid engagement and what I was receiving was just not enough for me to continue engaging with the associated costs of producing at the level I do.

Especially so given the cost increases of everything in recent months and years.

Ars unfortunately disagreed in the beginning quarter of this year and unfortunately has pretty much given me the cold shoulder since then, engaging only for a few launches here and there in 2023. Even going as far as to say, “If you expect yearly engagements to continue in the future, I’d strongly suggest you give us a few photos” [from Texas when Starship launches in April.] Communication has been few and far between since.

It really disappoints me to have the relationship headed in this direction, but makes me glad for the things I’ve done on my own to allow me to continue doing what I love.

The Dub Club

In 2022, I built out what I call: “The Dub Club” on my website. A feature-for-feature equivalent to Patreon, a membership platform I can call my own with “dubs” as the rewards — w’s, successful photos/projects, wins, etc haha; A club of awesome people directly supporting my work, rewarded with full-res photo downloads and yearly photo calendars to hang on their home or office walls, enabling my ability to keep creating.

After switching away from Patreon in October 2022 and making the change of owning my future, privatizing my membership offerings as a creator are even more important to me now with these affiliation shakeups. I am able to stand my ground and ask for what I feel I deserve with confidence knowing that my access to these events won’t falter and the monetary support I get directly is not able to be taken away or strong-armed if I do not do something.

Though I hope it continues into 2024, Ars’ plans to engage with me remain up in the air. (looking at it realistically given months of no contact from them: unlikely)

Because of all of the above, I’d like to ask for your help in supporting me on a regular basis, getting a bunch of perks and rewards in exchange each month/year by joining.

  • 5 or more full-resolution downloads of photos I capture each month
  • free yearly photo calendars (+more for annual subscribers)
  • EXIF camera settings to every photo I’ve ever published
  • Access to my Discord ( an ever-growing community of all Dub Club Members with chats about photography, tech, funny stuff, and my latest work )
  • give me feedback & suggestions on what kinds of photos I prioritize making next or help me craft ideas into eventual pictures
  • discounts on photo prints
  • and more!

(both monthly & annual support options available! I integrate securely with Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay so none of your payment info is stored by my website)

If you have any questions, reach out here via email I’d be glad to help! Thank you🫶