Howdy everyone!

In October 2022, I began the formal transfer from my offerings on Patreon’s platform to my own, self hosted membership platform: The Dub Club!

It would mean the world to me if you’d head on over to the link above for my fully custom-built transfer flow, membership area, and features I’ve developed over 8 months (and am still developing today!) to continue supporting my work / get the benefits you have access to for supporting me!

Turn your Patreon support into a Dub Club Membership to get more photo downloads each month, more calendars each year if you subscribe on a yearly basis, and more:

If you’ve already transferred and deleted your membership, you’ll stop receiving Patreon emails after your last month of Patreon membership!

*What is The Dub Club?* In case you missed it, The Dub Club is my new, self-hosted membership platform which allows me to own my membership, rewards, and take home more of your support. Currently, I give Patreon between 5-10% of your support.

Thank you so much for your support to me here on Patreon, to-date! So far, I’ve gotten about 70% of all Patrons here to transfer over to the Dub Club — decent progress in the first year! Reaching out here to continue the trend and detail the rewards that you’re eligible for if you do so!

If you have ANY questions, concerns, bug reports, feature requests, or feedback etc before, during, or after you complete the transfer — please reach out directly via email!

Trevor Mahlmann |

The Dub Club

While Patreon offers great opportunities for creators like me, many factors as I grow as a creator have inspired me to go on internal power.

Basically my own version of Patreon, allowing me to connect more directly with each of you and offer features to be tailored and built directly on my site versus integrated across multiple platforms. Not having all the eggs in one basket, or someone else’s / someone else’s companies basket, rather. If *Patreon* ever became *Patreoff*, I would still like to be able to truck on as a launch photographer unbothered.

After already working on these new self-hosted membership features for several months, Patreon came out and said they were laying off ~20% of the company. It’s announcements like this that further solidified my confidence in going after a self-hosted platform and made me glad to be well into the development of the backend of my website to enable these features. With Patreon’s increased fees, transferring over to The Dub Club will also allow me to take home more of what is actively pledged to me by you versus giving ~7%+ to Patreon and ~5%+ to payment processors.


You’ll still enjoy all the benefits you currently do! Camera settings, downloads, Discord membership, etc. If you change your membership to yearly, you’ll get even more: double the number of monthly downloads you currently do as a monthly patron. This is a thank you bonus for billing up front & your membership will renew yearly then after🙂

When you start your Dub Club membership your first billing date with me directly (should appear as ‘TMAHLMANN | DUB CLUB’ on your bank/PayPal statement)


Whichever tier you’re at, you can keep your tier!

To help me along these goals, to transfer/edit/upgrade your membership from Patreon to Dub Club, you’ll start by going to this page: (also accessible via *Support* > *Transfer* on my site desktop dropdown menu / mobile hamburger menu)

Everything should be well explained / shown over there, but if you have any questions at all feel free to email me directly ( or send me a Direct Message on Discord, Twitter DM me, however you need to reach me — find me I’m happy to help!

At the end, you’ll want to make sure you go to this page and end your patreon subscription manually. It is included as a step on the /transfer page but that’s one of the only things I can’t automate since it’s on a separate platform, that is the link to do so.

Once you transfer, use the “*Connect Discord Account*” button (also available on My Account>Dub Club) to connect your Discord & Dub Club accounts to eachother to keep up to date on Discord. After doing so, you’ll notice a fun little Dub Club badge next to your name whenever you send a message on the server! (And special access to the #dub-club channel) Haven’t joined Discord yet? Click here for a how to!

I aim to end the ability to support me on Patreon at the end of 2023, so this isn’t an immediate need but I would really appreciate you helping me out and considering transferring to my new home: The Dub Club.


Global changes

– New loading icon site-wide. No more 3 dots. My logo and a bouncer!

– Going to My Account > Downloads you can now see a history of your downloads and re-download photos if you have lost track of them locally on your computer

– Going to My Account > Dub Club > Edit Membership will allow you to edit your Dub Club Tier.

– Going to My Account > Dub Club > Manage On PayPal/Stripe, you can manage your payment methods just like you do on Patreon.

– My Account > Password will allow you to send yourself a password reset email for your username or email.

– Unsure of your username or email? Send me a DM and will happily get you sorted!


Helpful pages to bookmark:


– /Photos on my site has been redesigned in several ways! For the Lightbox, it now features a semi-transparent, blurred background that remains in position instead of jumping to the top of the page like it used to when you would click on a photo

– Recent Photos now loads way faster than it used to

– Redesigned Settings and Download drawers

– Captions now no longer overrun the black footer of the Lightbox


– This is the page you’ll use to transfer from Patreon to Dub Club!

– Contained in it is a login to Patreon, boxes to confirm or set your email and password, a picker for keeping or upgrading your tier, a bonus download drop, a link to end your patreon subscription, and another fun surprise to close it off.



– This is the page for new potential members. to join the Dub Club, having never been patrons or supporters before! Have friends who you think might like to join in on the fun? Send them this link!



– This page is where you can manage your account!

– Discord Account Integration

– Upgrade / Edit your Membership Tier

– Change Payment Methods (via blue Edit button, select tier, choose new payment method or change current payment method info)


So excited to turn this page and start a new chapter of my business privatizing these offerings, and hope you’ll join me over on the Dub Club! If you have any questions or otherwise, send them here on Patreon, in the comments below or feel free to reach out to me via DM!

Future Features:

– Show complete membership history, including Patreon

– Monthly photo newsletter, delivered to your email summarizing my ‘best of’ the month

– + many more

In closing, go here and join the Dub Club and let’s keep this party rocking!

Thanks for supporting my work, to-date!

Here’s to many dubs in the future all thanks to you making them possible. If you have ANY questions, concerns, bug reports, etc. Reach out to me directly via email!

Trevor Mahlmann