My name is Trevor Mahlmann. I am a professional photographer and I specialize in spring graduation photography! I have captured photos for nearly 100 graduates since May 2017 at Purdue in West Lafayette and am excited to share that I will be doing photo sessions at Indiana University here in Bloomington as well this spring!

I have done research to find the best places/views around campus for photos and am looking forward to capturing your graduation for you. My plan is to begin at the Rose Well House and walk in a path around and through central campus. (Roughly in this manner, though I will be taking into account each graduate’s preferred locations to stop at so, everyone’s path will look a bit different.)

Just like at Purdue, I have an incredibly easy process for booking photo sessions!

Whether you’re by yourself, with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or have a massive family/group of friends, with all your sorority sisters/fraternity brothers, I’ve got just the session for you. Below you’ll find a place to select which type of session you’d like, schedule when you’d like to take them, and pay online: securely and simply!

Please use a graduate’s name, phone number & email when booking sessions, for clarity.

Also, if you have photo ideas or specific places you’d like photos taken – please include those in the “Notes” section when booking! This will make it much easier to plan out logistics of visiting the places you want during your time slot.

Below, you’ll also find an FAQ section with LOTS of information about logistics, timing, etc. If you could please, read through it to see if your question is answered there before sending me an email.

If it is not currently the month of May 2021, you will need to page over to “May 2021” in the calendar below to find available session times.

Frequently Asked Questions

For both IU & Purdue

If you refer five (5) people to book a session with me, you'll get your session for free! Like free, free.
To add a referral, include who referred you (first and last name of the graduate) in the "Notes" section when you book your session! (click here to see an example of the Notes section/how to earn a referral)
  1. I am happy to make referrals retroactive too for May 2020 when I've begun this program. If you've already booked your session this year and know you referred several people: contact those people and have them click or tap on the "Reschedule or Cancel" button in the email received when they first booked their appointment, and type your name in the "Notes" section (remember to give them the same name you booked with)
  2. Year: Referrals will count regardless of school year! If you refer 5 people to book *this year* but your son or daughter isn't graduating until May 2021 etc, I will be keeping a master list of names and referral totals.
  3. School: Referrals will count regardless of whether you book/refer a session at Purdue West Lafayette or Indiana University in Bloomington. If you book a session at Purdue WL and 5 people book with me at IUB, you get yours free! If you book a session at Purdue WL and 3 book at Purdue WL and 2 book at IUB, you get yours free! (and vise versa/no matter the number of each or combinations)

Fine print/Terms:

  1. Only graduation sessions May 2020 and forward are eligible for a refund. Photo sessions booked for Winter 2019 or earlier are not eligible to be refunded.
  2. All or nothing. 5 referrals must be reached. 4 referrals and less (while much appreciated for spreading the word) won't get a reward. You need 5 to get your photo session free!
  3. Your window to reach 5 referrals and eligibility for a refund ends at 8:59 PM Eastern Time the day before your photo session date. For example: If your session is on May 16th, 2020, you'll need to reach 5 referrals before 8:59 PM on May 15th, 2020.
  4. The "Notes" section of the booking area is the only way to earn referrals. Referrals will not be taken via any other communication method (email, Facebook Message, Twitter DM etc) to keep it simple and to avoid duplicates.
I'll email you a link to your private gallery (just like this) within 1 week of your session date/time, where you can download your full-res, edited JPG files!
For example: If your session is on say Thursday the 3rd at 3:00pm, you will have your photos signed, sealed, and delivered by Thursday the 10th at 3:00pm.
You are guaranteed a minimum of 25 photos!
Yes! I know things can come up. If it is more than 2 weeks before your respective session, you can reschedule directly through the confirmation email you received at the time of booking! If it is within two weeks of your session, just email me: Trevor.mahlmann@gmail.com I would be more than happy to help try to find you a new day/time .
I will meet you at the Rose Well House, on the northeast corner of Dunn's Woods at the time of your session! Here's a Google Maps Pin of where exactly to meet me! I think this will be much easier than meeting somewhere super popular like the Sample Gates.
My Single, Small Family, Large Family, and Small Group sessions include individual photos of graduates. Large and XL Group sessions are group photos only, unless time allows. (which, it usually does if we're efficient and you know where you want photos at on campus)
Looking to have photos taken with your boyfriend or girlfriend? I'd be glad to accommodate you both!
Simply book the Small Group (2-5 Grads or Friends) session!
Yes! And when I send you the completed gallery of images, there will be a 20% off coupon code at the top of the page you can use to get a discount on prints.
Potential places include:
- Sample Gates
- Red Clocks
- Wells Quad
- Indiana Memorial Union
- Showalter Fountain
- Ballantine Hall
- Woodburn Hall
- Mother Bear's Pizza
- Media School
- IU Arboretum
- Hoagy Carmichael
- Maurer School of Law
- Jacobs School of Music
- Auditorium
- Rose Well House
- Herman B. Wells Statue / Library
- Kirkwood Observatory
- Assembly Hall (could walk, but likely drive to this if interested)
- Jordan Hall / Greenhouse
*not meant to be an exhaustive list - I welcome any suggestions you have for places you would like to visit! 🙂
The prices shown above are a total price!
You would divide the price by how many graduates/friends you have in your group.
For example: Large Group // $350 // 10 Graduates // $35 per Graduate
The group should designate one person to book the session and the friends in the group would be responsible for paying that person back.
1 hour 45 minutes, on the dot!
I usually do 1 hour 15 minute sessions at Purdue University since most campus landmarks/photo spots are all a bit closer to one another but have decided to add 30 minutes for Indiana University for a couple reasons:
1. IU's main walking area of campus is larger than Purdue and will probably take a little bit more time to visit everything.
2. This is my first year doing photos at IU and a bit more breathing room can't hurt! The session likely following yours (unless it is the last of the day) begins at the top of the hour so should we need it, we also have an extra 15 minute buffer.
If you have things you want to bring with you to take photos with - please do!
For example: if you participate in a sport and want to bring your uniform, the Little 500 and want to bring your bike or something else with a different outfit to change into at a few locations or have a pet you want some photos with - do it!
Please include these things in the "Notes" section when booking your session.
If you have ideas for specific photos that you want taken, I would love to hear them! During or after booking (via confirmation email) you can add your ideas to the "notes" section of your photo session. Add them there or email me: trevor.mahlmann@gmail.com, I would be happy to discuss ideas and/or add them to your session for you!
Full payment at booking required.
My full-time job is covering the rocket launches in the United States. (Florida, Texas, Virginia, etc) Here are some examples of my work if you're interested!! The schedules for them can and often do change. If an important launch comes up on my end that interferes with our scheduled session date / time, I will always work in good-faith with you to reschedule to another date and time. If we are unable to find a time that works for the both of us within the semester/season in question, after the first reschedule, you will be given a full-refund. As of Oct 2020, I have done nearly 200 of these sessions to date and have only ever had customers cancel on me. Have never canceled the session outright on my end, to-date. The furthest I have needed to move a session from the original booking date to the actual date the session occurred is 7 days. If you are able to be flexible with me I am always happy to be flexible with you to capture your photos 🙂
Cancellation policy:
- Full refund: If customer cancels within 24 hours of booking your respective session or if the situation as described with a rocket launch on my end in the introduction occurs and we are unable to find a new date and time.
- 50% refund: If customer cancels after 24 hours of booking but more than one week from your respective session.
- No refund: cancellations within one week of respective session.
- Weather & Safety: If rain, thunderstorms, or some other dangerous situation create an environment unsafe or unsuitable to take pictures for 50% to 100% of your respective session duration a 50% refund will be issued.
- Family Emergency: If you are unable to make it to your session due to a family emergency (like a family members passing) and there are still session slots available, you will be given an opportunity to reschedule. If no sessions are available, a 75% refund will be issued.
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Situation: Barring any restrictions (lockdown) physically preventing travel to/from the Purdue University West Lafayette campus, I plan to do each and every photo session. As a photographer, I am able and will keep my social distance properly. ====
All refunds take between 9 - 14 business days (total) to process and show up on your end, depending on your bank. If you decide not to show for your appointment, no refund will be issued. Thank you for your understanding.
I will adjust the leniency of this refund policy as I see fit given the constantly changing Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation.

If you still have questions about booking not answered above, feel free to contact me here and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Please double-check the email you provide is correct to make sure I respond to the right one!

Some examples of my favorite graduation photos taken at Purdue:

I look forward to capturing photos like these or better at Indiana!!