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ULA successfully launched the Atlas V AFSPC-11 mission for the US Air Force on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 7:13 PM EDT.

Like I said in my pre-launch post, I was testing out some new plastic file boxes as protectors for my cameras – they worked out great!

The MIOPS triggers also ALL fired successfully and 100% of the cameras I put down for this launch worked! That has only ever happened once before. (CRS-12) (AFSPC-11 was my 10th launch total, 3rd of 2018)

There are still some improvements I’ll need to make for my setups:

  • loctite for the various joints, a few things came loose (more on that below)
  • get L brackets for vertical framing so I don’t have to tip the box (and camera) over on its side
  • backup batteries for the MIOPS (the internal rechargeable, removable MIOPS batteries lasted plenty long but this is just to have extra gas in the tank if needed. We usually put our cameras down anywhere between 6-24 hours to launch. Sometimes if it scrubs a day or two, we don’t get to go check on our cameras. It needs to still work in that case.

My UV filters all came away unscathed!

Enough on the words, time to see my launch photos!

My Viewing Site Cameras:












Launch Pad Remote #1:


Launch Pad Remote #2:

Now, this remote is the one that had the problems where I am going to need the Loctite. Here’s what happened:

I setup my camera framed like so:

If you saw in my pre-launch post, this camera was the one tilted on its side:

Things tighten righty tighten, lefty loosen and the lever arm/weight of the box on the ballhead cocked over like that caused the setup to aim left. This is the best view I had at liftoff:

and as the Atlas V roared to life, the vibrations caused the ballhead to turn more to the left (now loosened completely) to its lowest equilibrium point:

Here’s a GIF of what happened:

Launch Pad Remote #3:

Remote #3 was an engine shot. Composition didn’t change here and exposure was perfect!

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