Hey Patrons!

SpaceX was set to launch TESS (the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) for NASA today, April 16th @ 6:32 PM EDT (22:32 UTC) but the launch was unfortunately scrubbed as I was writing this post.

Launch is now scheduled for Wednesday April 18th at 6:51 PM EDT (22:51 UTC)

I am setting 4 remote cameras set for the launch. Here, I’d like to preview for you what those cameras are looking at and what is going through my mind for each!

Remote Camera #1

This is the first camera I set: a view near an empty picnic bench. I think this is my top-priority/favorite remote camera view. I left a fair bit of room above the rocket for it to fill the frame when it launches. The plume coming out of the flame trench should fill the left side of the frame, behind the tree!

Remote Camera #2

This is the 2nd remote camera I placed. This camera is pointed upward and zoomed in a fair bit, leaving room for the rocket to enter the frame and position itself.

Remote Camera #3

This remote camera view is my engine shot. Close up and super underexposed. (exposed for ambient light to see the positioning)

Here is what the cameras actual exposure looks like: (quite dark!)

Remote Camera #4

This is the fourth and final remote camera view I will have for TESS. If you remember my CRS-14 photo here, it will be very similar except atop the rocket is the TESS spacecraft (and fairing) instead of a Dragon.