Hey Patrons!

Last night (Wednesday), SpaceX launched the TESS planet hunting spacecraft for NASA/MIT! Photographers were unable to pick up our cameras until this morning at 9 AM (Thursday) and I had a flight out at 12:30 I had to catch. I spent my flight home editing the photos and I am coming to you from the airport!

I used 4 remote cameras again for this launch (same as Atlas V – AFSPC-11 this past weekend) 3 cameras on the launch pad and 1 near the storied ‘Astronaut Beach House.’ ALL 4 WORKED AGAIN!


Remote Camera #1

The empty picnic bench!

Remote Camera #2

Rising through the plume!


Remote Camera #3

Engine shot. hnngggggg.


Remote Camera #4

Beach house!


Thanks so much for your support, as always!

My goal is to be at every Florida rocket launch this year that I possibly can. (unless family, events agreed upon prior to Feb 6, 2018 , or ‘opportunity-cost’ type circumstances like Graduations)

Just a few weeks now until the first launch of the Block V Falcon 9! (Bangabandhu-1 scheduled for May 4th, 2018) I have a proposal to take photos of May 5th, and Graduations to shoot on-campus at Purdue May 6th-13th. So I’ll need Block V to hold on that date OR slip past May 13th. Upcoming as well is: SES-12 is in there too in May.

If you’d like hi-res downloads of these photos (for personal use only), click here!

More launch photos:


IF you’d like to see the settings I use for these launch images, click here! 

If you’d like to see settings AND have hi-res downloads of these photos (for personal use only), click here!