Yesterday morning, Trevor Lear and I took a sunrise trip up to the wind turbines along I-65 here in Indiana.

From the get-g0, it didn’t look like we’d be seeing the sun that morning. Set up shop about 6:45 AM,

Waited for half an hour, still nothing.

We both launched our Mavics in hopes the sun might peek out from behind the clouds and got just that – a few moments of sun before ducking behind another cloud layer.

The above photo was taken just before the sun peeked out.

and the following was taken once the sun had emerged. It was definitely worth the wait – it usually always is.

My favorite though, is this dystopian/artsy edit inspired by Trey Ratcliff – looking towards the sunrise using the world-famous and renowned photographer Dave Wegiel Jr’s Lightroom preset, with a few of my own adjustments.

To finish, here is a quick video ascending up from the bottom:

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See you tomorrow for another photo story 🙂

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