Here’s my 8th edition of Purdue Wallpapers – hope you enjoy!

After taking inspiration from the Purdue Alumni Association, Here are a few of my favorite Purdue images in a monthly wallpaper post!

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Purdue Wallpapers: March 2017:

Looking down on the Engineering Fountain at dusk:


Looking down on a hero that never stopped looking up:


Aerial over the Wilmeth Active Learning Center, currently on track to open this fall,and Bell Tower:


Looking down on the Purdue Men’s Crew team:


Blue hour over Hovde Hall :


The Paint Crew + BoilerBall Lights:


Engineering Fountain at blue hour:


Purdue’s Dakota Mathias hits a big 3 point shot to conclude the first half vs Iowa State in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the second round of the NCAA Tournament:


Aerial close-up of the Bell Tower:


Long exposure photo of the Triple XXX restaurant:


Caleb “Biggie” Swanigan slams it home during the second half of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament vs Iowa State in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:


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Thanks for reading through this March 2017 edition of Purdue Wallpapers, see you next month for April!