On Friday, Dave Wegiel Jr and I went up to the Saint Joseph Lighthouse to try and make a few photos of the waves crashing into the North Pier. We did just that.

Dave and I left Purdue around 9 AM, got to Saint Joe just before noon and headed straight for Silver Beach. We got the quads up in the air and went to work. Dave was up first.

We usually don’t fly at the same time if we go somewhere and intend to both fly – have heard horror stories of one guy controlling the others’ drone.

Dave’s aerials with the Phantom 4 Pro:

While Dave was up flying, I went out more towards the river and out on the first part of the South pier to make some images from the ground. Truly spectacular.

Here was my favorite:

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com

Then it was my time to take to the skies with my Mavic Pro:

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com


Looping content is always seems to find its way into my workflow. Here’s a GIF of the wave crashing from the sequence of frames I captured:

[Imgur link]


What I had the most fun with that day though, was the aerial video. I have experimented more and more recently with video and have been enjoying it.

Here is a montage of clips I took from the air with the Mavic and from Silver Beach with my 7D Mark II that you should definitely watch.

If you have the time someday to see this in person, I highly recommend it. It really makes you step back for a moment and appreciate the power of Mother Nature.

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See you tomorrow for another photo story 🙂

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