Today, we took a trip to see some potholes. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Boy it was.

INDOT won’t be filling these anytime soon.

Dave Wegiel and I went on an adventure today to make some photos of the famous “potholes” in the Fall Creek Gorge Nature Preserve – located in Warren County just north of Williamsport, Indiana.

It is a place where this time of year, you usually put hip waders on and make the trek into the semi-shallow water to make your photos.

Dave and I both brought our quadcopters, and opted to use those instead.

He was first to fly:

I initially took off from near the exit of the main pothole straight and made this:

but after thinking on it a bit, I decided watching from above would be much easier so I took off instead from the canyon wall pathway that looks straight down on the main straight.

In doing so, I was much more easily able to see where the quad was going and its position in relation to the canyon walls to make sure I wasn’t going to hit anything – a much safer option.

I have ordered an ND (neutral density) filter set, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I worked around that and still was able to make a blurry water photo:

It is created from 7 photos “average” blended together in post. Looking forward to when my ND filter set arrives!

I also look forward to when the gorge is filled again with leaves and springtime greenery. I will have to come back and try my new filter set then.

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See you tomorrow for another daily photo story!