Old gold and black vs big red. Best rivalry in all of sports.

Purdue Boilermakers vs Indiana Hoosiers.

The stage was set and boy did Mackey rock that night.

The night before game day, 88 Paint Crew groups camped out to be a part of the lottery.

Tents, so many tents:

Alright, let’s do this:

With the addition of BoilerBall Lights to the pregame festivities, it made this photo (Maryland game, 2015-16 season):

Of the Paint Crew flag that much cooler:

Sign game on point:

Biggie, another double double. Nothing new to see here:

Press row:

A wild Schuster 🙂

Boiler Brass bringing the color:

For a brief moment, it looks as if Michael Tasicas was balancing her on his finger:


Carsen Edwards flyin’ through the lane at 1/80 sec:

WTHR Channel 13’s Ben Reiff shooting the game next to me:

The best tripod, is the one you have on you…right?



Loved this one, right before the last possession of the game:

Bring out the trophy, we’re BIG TEN REGULAR SEASON CHAMPIONS!!!


Albrecht, Cline, and Edwards with their new caps.

Hoist it up!


The emotion always makes for awesome photos 🙂


Vince, 1000 point club.

Biggie, new single season rebound record holder.

Painter grinning ear-to-ear during senior night presentations.

Spike before being announced.

Spike reflecting on his final moments in front of the home crowd in Mackey.

Time to cut the nets

Boy did Biggie deserve to cut that last bit of net put it around his neck.

Vince cutting it down:

It has been another wonderful season and I was glad to be able to capture the Boilermakers. Sitting on the floor at a sporting event really is an honor and a privilege that many hope to do at some point in their career, and that I am fortunate enough to do on a regular basis.

I’ve learned many times to bite the bullet when it comes to certain things, but sometimes things come up and you need to stand up for colleagues or those you care about.

Sometimes, that comes with consequences – but you have to be willing to stand up for what is right in the end.

I very much look forward to what the Boilermakers are able to do in their final game of the season vs. Northwestern, in the Big Ten Tournament, and NCAA Tournament. After all, it is March 1st – welcome to March Madness.

See you again soon, Mackey.

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See you tomorrow for another photo story!