After finishing a workout at the Purdue University CoRec, I happened upon a beautiful sunrise walking home.

I have wanted to incorporate students in more of my on-campus images and this morning, I was able to do just that.

I opted to use a slow shutter speed to blur those walking by.

I ended up with more than a few favorites.

The way the light was shining only on the top portion of University Hall was beautiful.

The sloop departed on its route and as it left revealed a clean angle.


As much as I have wanted to show students in more images, clean angles such as the one above also look great. I especially like the warm reflections on Oval Dr.

I packed up and began walking home and had to make one last one in front of Wetherill Chemistry Laboratory.

But I think this has to be my favorite of them all:


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Thanks, and see you tomorrow for another photo story!

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