This was one of the very first photos I made after I bought my first quadcopter.

A DJI Phantom 4. April 14th, 2016 I got my first quad.

A month later in May when I made this photo, I had just finished up a day of taking photos at IMS / Angie’s List Grand Prix for Schmidt-Peterson.

I hadn’t made any aerial photos yet of the speedway, and way the clouds were positioned as I was walking out of the speedway, made me think the sunset may be nice.

I drove over to the east side of the speedway/golf course and decided to make a photo.

The sunset didn’t end up shining on the underside of the clouds like I had imagined – but it still made for a great view and end to the day.

Sometimes (with photography, lots of times) things don’t always work out as planned but you do the best you can with what you have and that’s all you can do. I think that’s an important skill to learn in this day and age with photography: being able to think on the fly and change with the times/situation around you. A skill I will probably work at forever!

With Valentines Day yesterday, I have some catching up to do. See you later today for another photo story!