Haven’t seen the ISS in almost 3 months, it was great to watch and wave again tonight.

I checked the pass forecast last minute, and noticed that there would be a pass tonight and ran to the Engineering Fountain.

Initially, I thought I might make the photo at the VOSS Solar System Sculpture. After knowing that the ISS would be coming from the northwest and the FlexLab construction might get in the way, I went to the Engineering Fountain where I knew I could make a good shot.

I make these #SpotTheStation photos by taking a series of long exposures in quick succession and in ‘lighten’ stacking them together, surfacing the brightest parts of each photo. That brings up the brighter ISS streak from each shot in front of the darker night sky.

Some decide to leave it as a series of streaks, but I like to go a step further and fix the breaks to make a single streak with the ‘Spot Removal’ tool in Lightroom.

After a few quick uses of the Spot Removal, the ISS turns into one solid line and in my opinion, looks much more complete.

hi-res/prints: photos.tmahlmann.com

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See you tomorrow for another photo story!

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