The clouds opened up just long enough for a shot at the full February 2017 ‘snow moon.’

Tonight, the forecast was not looking good. The clouds were supposed to be increasing to about 90% cover, but right at the turn of 6 o’clock when the moon was about to rise, the forecast seemed to level off, and to the east a hole in the clouds gave a view of the Moon for long enough to make a photo of it.

Tom Crockett and I were on the roof of the 3rd Street Garage again here at Purdue.

I tried a moonstack, but with the haze and the Moon moving in and out of the clouds, it just did not work out tonight.

I did witness one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen though:

After watching the sunset, I ran over to my camera, noticing the full Moon popped out of the thick haze for just a moment and was able to grab a photo of it flanking the Bell Tower with some awesome sunset colors behind it:




Today’s story was originally going to be the winter wonderland photos from Wednesday, but that has been moved to tomorrow and includes some of my favorite images I have taken of Purdue in the snow.

See you tomorrow!

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