Breaking a 25 year-old record, this sunrise on January 30th, 2017 at Purdue University was the first without complete cloud cover in 8 days.

On my walk to work out this morning at Purdue’s CoRec, I noticed how the stars were out, shining bright without a cloud in the sky – I was glad I brought my camera with me because I knew I wouldn’t be walking straight home after the workout.

When you’re a photographer, a short walk through a photogenic place is usually never a short walk.

After finishing, I headed home along 3rd Street and noticed the Bell Tower, silhouetted by the pre-dawn oranges, yellows and blues.

I had to stop and make a picture.

I tried several different angles and I didn’t enjoy the shrub at the middle of the frame.

I knew I had to get up to the top of the garage to get a good clean angle on the Tower.

I waited quite awhile to see what changing conditions might do to the scene. As the sun creeped closer to the horizon, it seemed to make the silhouette of the Bell Tower darker and more defined – having to expose for the sky, increasing in brightness minute by minute.

My favorite of this set, I was quite happy with:


I have been going back and forth about committing to it, but I am glad to have decided to share at least one photo story like this per day here on my website. If you miss a day, feel free to come back and see what’s new!

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January Purdue Wallpapers will be posted at 9AM on Wednesday, the 1st of February.

Thanks, and see you tomorrow!