The photo I shared last night is a huge reason why I shoot in the RAW image format.

Even with how good cameras are today, they still can surprisingly miss the mark capturing the color and beauty of scenes in some situations. Shooting in the RAW (Canon CR2/Nikon NEF/DNG) image formats and using software like Adobe​ Lightroom to correct it in post makes a world of a difference.

Post production/editing, I believe, is part of the art that is photography and is definitely a honed skill learned in two ways: practice and from others post-production.

Some over-do it with the ability to edit it after the fact but in most situations (unless I am going for a specific look) simply just like to show the scene exactly how it looked when I took the photo. I try to place the viewer right there with me best I can – correcting for the color inaccuracies that all cameras suffer from.

Here is an example of how a boring/flat photo right out of the camera turns into the scene it really was if you were standing there as that wave broke, captured it, and got drenched with salt water/sand holding your camera high in the air.