Pasadena, CA — The stage was set, everything ready to go.

The Penn State Nittany Lions would be facing the University of Southern California Trojans in the 103rd Rose Bowl Game.

Here is the story of the game, told through my photos from the sideline.

The center TV cameraman’s perspective.



Penn State takes the field for warm-ups.


















Time for pre-game festivities:









Here comes the B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber from Los Angeles Air Force Base:







USC Kicks Off:


On Penn State’s first play, Iman Marshall intercepts Trace Mcsorley’s pass.



Matt Boermeester tries a 51yd field goal, but misses wide right.



Penn State takes over:










Press row:



Lots of field goals:



Trace McSorely in shotgun formation:


It’s thanks to these guys keepin an eye on everything, that everyone had a great time yesterday.




It’s Adoree’ Jackson’s world, we’re all just living in it.



















JuJu Smith-Schuster goin’ airborne:











Sometimes even the professionals need a little cleaning:






After a lucky tip, Chris Godwin somehow managed to be in the right place at the right time to catch the ball.



It is in times like this, that still photos are better than motion pictures:


















I love this photo, for multiple reasons. The spontaneity, the focus, the mood.

This is Matt Boermeester, USC’s Kicker.

I made this photo of him wreathed in thought on the sideline minutes before he would go on to kick the game winning field goal for USC.

I didn’t know who it was until I began editing and noticed his face mask, but I am really glad I stopped on my walk to the other side to make this photo of him thinking it over before securing USC’s 25th Rose Bowl victory.

Moon hiding behind the GoodYear Blimp:



This is when the game turned its attention from Penn State to USC:


After a few short plays, Matt was lining up to kick:



USC wins it in regulation.









USC 52

Penn State 49


and that’s the story of the 103rd Rose Bowl Game told through my lenses. Thanks for reading!


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