Photo gallery from the arrival of “Fat Albert”, the 25 foot dwarf blue spruce at the Purdue Memorial Union..

The truck arrived with the tree on the trailer, and work promptly began at 12:30 to haul it inside.

A lift-all was used to pick the tree up at its center-of-gravity and position it in front of the door.

After several adjustments to the pickup point, the tree was eventually moved into position outside the front door of the Union.

Pictured below is Barbara Solomon, who donated this year’s 25 foot dwarf blue spruce tree.

The tree was now in position and crews began wrapping rope around the trunk so a string of about 25 people could pull it through the front door.


Then, the pulling began.




The first road-block of the day…

the stairs.

Crews wrapped the rope again around the base of the trunk to lift it one by one, up each step while the rest pulled.

“Pull!” the crews shouted.

Needles, so many needles.

“PULL!” they shouted, louder this time.

Everyone could now, for a short while – breathe a sigh of relief.

The tree was inside.

Bring out the massive tree stand.

And put the door frames back on the front door of the Union.

Fat Albert has arrived… thats “Fat” alright…

Thanks to Schooster for keeping an eye on the GoPro timelapse 🙂

Easy does it now.

At first it wouldn’t go into the base.

2nd road-block of the day.

A little closer inspection.

and some thinking.

Well, there’s no other way to put this.

It was too big for the hole.

Get out the chainsaw.


Perfect fit!

My friend Chris and I joked about how rudimentary this whole process is for being an engineering school.

Rope, pulling a tree through a door, you’d think we would have had a hovercraft for this thing by now.

Kiddos enjoying the tree being brought in 🙂

Smiles all around.


Ropes were then fixed to the trees trunk so it could be hoisted vertical.

As well as a long lever arm with a steel wire tied to the ratchet at the bottom, helping hoist it vertical.

Many different photographers at today’s arrival.

Barbara being interviewed by channel 18, WLFI.

Now time to raise ‘er vertical.

Time to get some crowd shots.

A little bit of adjustment.

With some wedges.

And there he was. “Fat Albert”, welcome to the Purdue Memorial Union!

Can’t wait to see him illuminated tomorrow at Noon.

President Mitch Daniels will be doing the annual honors.

See you there!

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