This season has been quite a ride. Here are some of my most favorite photos from the 2016 Purdue Football season.


The season started out on a high with a 45-24 win over Eastern Kentucky.


The following week, Cincinnati came to town and gave us our first of many big losses of the season.


NEVADA: 24-14

Illinois: 34-31

The outlook was bleak for Purdue Football, road-tripping with Dave Wegiel out to this game. Purdue was on the road again, this time in Illinois after falling 50-7 to a good Maryland team. But this game was by far my favorite of the season.

Getting the Cannon back had to be the highlight of this season. I am glad I took Dave up on the idea of making the trip, we made some great photos that day. You can see his shots from that game here.

IOWA: 35-49

’67 Rose Bowl team returns to West Lafayette.

Notre Dame vs Stanford: 17-10

I had the privilege of shooting in David’s place for the ND/Standford game in mid-October. The atmosphere there was entirely different to any other sporting event I have attended before. Also, the amount of light there for night games is incredible.



My final game of the season finished with Wisconsin.

And to cap it off, I had the extreme honor of photographing a former Boilermaker star, current NFL player, and Super Bowl Champion: Drew Brees.

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It’s been fun Purdue Football, I’ve come out the other side a better sports shooter and next season starts off running vs Ohio the night of Friday, September 8th. See you there.