Incredibly exciting share today…

Today, Red Hot Chili Peppers official on both Facebook

and Twitter

shared my image of their Lollapalooza show, this past Saturday (July 30th, 2016)

I got these notifications and kept saying to myself:




before clicking on the post.

I’ve already shared a similar shot online, but had to find one of my shots with the red RHCP color in the crowd and share the story. It is an incredible honor to have that kind of official recognition.

Being a social media nut like I am, seeing posts like it take-off because of their large social media reach (nearly 30million likes on Facebook…and 2 million followers on Twitter) is so, so cool and opportunities like that don’t come very often, so when it does watching it is the most fun.

Last of all, they tagged me in each of their posts, which was just the cherry on top.

Thanks a ton RHCP. Gonna find a way to send you a large format print to say thank you.

If you want one and you were at the concert, they are available here on my website!

Equipment used:
@DJI Phantom 4

1sec | ISO 200