Earlier today, I was finishing up organizing things around my room, and in my backpack (in the soft pocket where you keep your phone and such) I noticed this coin I had brought to school with me.

This is an International Space Station Expedition 41 Mission Coin I received from NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman earlier this summer in Indianapolis.

Reid was a member of Expedition 41 when he lived aboard the ISS from May to November 2014.

A very interesting bit about the coin is that it has been flown in space.

It flew aboard @SpaceX’s CRS-4 Dragon mission to the ISS in late 2014, which just so happens to be the launch I was attending via a #NASASocial, my first rocket launch ever. So I indirectly got to watch this coin blast into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

I took the coin out of my bookbag and knew I had to hang it up where I would see it everyday.

I chose to mount it above my desk where I primarily do my schoolwork and can see it on my way out the door each morning – it’s a good reminder to shoot for the stars, no matter how hard or how much work you have ahead of you.

If you’re interested in the design aspects of the coin, the astronauts/NASA say this about it:

“Portraying the road of human exploration into our vastly unknown universe, all elements of the Expedition 41 patch build from the foundation, our Earth, to the stars beyond our solar system. The focus of our six-month expedition to the International Space Station (ISS) is Earth and its inhabitants as well as a scientific look out into our universe. The distinguishing ISS solar arrays reach onward and serve as the central element, with the icon of an atom underneath representing the multitude of research onboard that will bring new discoveries for the benefit of humanity. The sun is rising over Earth’s horizon, spreading its light along the road of human exploration. Equipped with the knowledge and inspiration gained from ISS, our successful multinational cooperation will lead human space exploration to the moon, Mars, and ultimately, the stars. We are Expedition 41. Join us for the adventure.”

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