Joined several of my good friends on the evening of July 4th for fireworks in our hometown and decided to bring along my Phantom 4.

I thought about just using a camera and a tripod for some long exposures, but figured since I had the quad and haven’t flown it as much as I’d like to lately, I would get it out for some aerials of the fireworks show in town. I was excited.

It ended up working out perfectly. I have seen videos online of people flying their quads into the firework show and coming out the other side unscathed with absolutely stunning footage, but I am not looking to replace my relatively new toy and chose to play it safe, opting for the view from a ways back.

Here are just a few of my photos from the flight, I even got video of the finale.

and my favorite:

After taking a few photos, I was planning to come back down but right as I started down, the finale was beginning was able to record the finale and record audio using the Voice Memos app on my iPhone – syncing them up in post!

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