Creative Commons & Usage


You would like to use or share one or more of my images…glad to hear it!!

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I share my photography in the Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) domain.

What types of uses are there? (click these links for more info)

Personal Use

Commercial Use

What does that mean?

NC – Non-Commercial: If you’re an organization/school/business/company/entity (non-profit or not) you’ll need to contact me and license imagery before using my pictures.

BY – Attribution: You gotta give credit it where it is due when sharing.

Facebook: 📸: @TrevorMahlmann

Twitter: 📸: @TrevorMahlmann

Instagram:📸: @TMahlmann (in photo and in comment)

SA – Share Alike: Unless you license imagery for a specific purpose/under a specific agreement, content you create using my imagery must be shared with the same license (Creative Commons NC-BY-SA)

You are welcome to download and share ( ↓ ) my pictures for anything that is strictly personal or non-commercial use.

Examples of personal/non-commercial uses:

  • Share it on your own personal Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (eg: joe.smith, purduefan1)
  • Use it as your desktop wallpaper/phone background
  • Print it out and give it to a friend as a gift.
  • Make it your personal Facebook profile cover photo 📸: @TrevorMahlmann
  • Use it as your Twitter header image (with credit in your bio, 📸: @TrevorMahlmann
  • For a class presentation or class publication (Photo(s): Trevor Mahlmann)
  • Feature it on your personal website or blog (Photo: Trevor Mahlmann)


Social Media: Just tag me in the post!

Instagram: @TMahlmann (in comment & caption)

Facebook: @TrevorMahlmann (in caption)

Twitter: @TrevorMahlmann (in tweet)

Web (personal): Name Credit

(Photo: Trevor Mahlmann)

If your interests don’t fit the above , I would be happy to license my imagery to you!

Examples of uses that need licensing permission before use is allowed:

  • Advertising/promotions/client-based gifts
  • Social media use: Organization/school/business/company/entity (non-profit or not)
  • Print (magazine / publication / brochure)
  • Web/On-air (TV, news media, company website, feature photo or gallery for an article or story)

Types of licenses I typically do:

  • Rights-Managed  (a single, one-time, specific use – $ – example: newsletter/email/publication/advertisement)
  • Royalty-Free (use it for a specific purpose across multiple platforms, for a specified period of time – $$) (example: your company website, several pages)
  • Exclusive (you are the only one ever allowed to reproduce the image, use it anywhere – $$$$ – example: You’re a sports team, aerial photo of a stadium)

Contact me below with your ideas!

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Please understand that I am a full-time professional photographer and depend on it to make a living.